Cycle Sydney, Ingar Trail

Cycle Sydney, Ingar Trail Ingar is in many ways similar to Andersons fire trail except it is slightly shorter and the trail is generally of better quality. Gravity is your friend for most of this ride as you hurtle down some long brake burning, grin inducing downhill sections. The main objective of this ride is the scenic Ingar camping area. Set by an old dam and complete with picnic tables, it makes a great spot to stop for lunch. Terrain Well graded dirt road and fire trail with some loose, soft sections. Be prepared to climb! Traffic Vehicular traffic up to Ingar picnic area. How to Get There Car: Via M4 then onto Great Western Highway then exit at Railway Parade, Woodford, so your car can be accessed at the end of the ride. You will then need to catch the train to Wentworth Falls station, or grab a lift to Wentworth Falls with a fellow rider for a post-ride car shuffle. If arriving by train, take the Blue Mountains line to Wentworth Falls. Exit the station, turn left and head along the highway back toward Woodford. Turn right into Kings Tableland Road. Food and Drink Food and drink available at Wentworth Falls. Side Trip A side trip can be taken to Murphy’s Glenn. Details Ingar is an aboriginal word which translates to ‘Yabbie’ which are common in the local streams and hanging swamps. No doubt if you look close enough you may be able to spot a few lurking in the dam. Ingar’s large dam is complete with waterfall and was created in the 1960s as a water storage dam for fire fighting. Ingar has a large camping area with room for numerous tents and has facilities including drop toilets, fire places and picnic tables. If you intend to take water from the dam it is advised that you boil it before drinking. Ingar is similar to Andersons in that they both exploit a large height differential starting at Wentworth Falls and finishing around 200m lower at Woodford. This elevation contrast translates into some long fast downhill runs especially for the first section of the ride to the Ingar picnic area. This length of the trail is open to vehicles and hence the surface is in good condition and allows for speeds of up to 50kph to be reached. Some areas of the trail have developed corrugations, but at the time of writing they were quite rideable. Difficulty wise this ride can be divided into two halves; the relatively easy section from Wentworth Falls to Ingar and the more difficult section from Ingar to Woodford. After the Ingar picnic area the technical difficulty of the ride increases and includes a short, steep and loose descent down Bedford Creek fire trail. This section of trail is extremely fast and becomes loose and eroded towards the bottom. After riding this section of trail my break rotors sizzled and hissed when crossing Bedford Creek! After crossing Bedford Creek you will soon pay for those sizzling downhill runs with an absolute killer climb which would have to rate as one of the most difficult in the book. A steep almost 3km climb, it is achievable for the fitter riders amongst us but most will end up doing the two foot shuffle to the top. This ride is not recommended for absolute beginners but should be no problems for those with a reasonable level of fitness and bike handling skills. Riders are entering a wild and remote area and should be well prepared for all eventualities. CYCLEMAP
Ride type:
Mountain biking
Road riding
Kid friendly
Rail Trail
Difficulty: Intermediate (Red)
Ride Duration: 2-4 hrs
Fitness Level: Medium
Shared Bike Path - Paved
Shared Bike Path - Dirt
On-Road Bike Lane
Off-Road - Fire Trail
Off-Road - Rail Trail
Off-Road - Single Track
Off-Road - Downhill
Estimated Distance (Kms): 25.4
Elevation Gain (metres): 751
First Aid
Bike hire facilities
Bike servicing
Accessible by bike
Accessible by car
Accessible by public transport
Accessible by shuttle / uber
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