Amelia Franklin

We are old – fashioned and roast our coffee the traditional way for wholesale and retail customers, established in 2007. We rely on highly trained people not computers. Our mission is to provide high quality fairtrade organic coffee. The way I have set up the roastery highlights the qualities that ethical coffee has when it is carefully selected for its cup characteristics, acidity, full bodied mouth feel, cleanness, caramel to a bouquet of fruits, sweetness and many more complexities. 

We roast on a Turkish Has Granti (Mr. Has), an Italian Petroncini (Big Bertha) and U.S.A Diedrich (no nick name as yet – suggestions on meeting the equipment), what coffee roaster we use is dependant on the profile and style of roasting we are looking for.

Cycle Friendly Features:
Secure bike parking
Bike pumps (Schrader and Presta valve)
Basic tool kit
Free wifi
Details of local bike routes
Details of bike hire locations
Complimentary water to refill water bottles
Food fuel - portable, healthy packaged snacks for purchase
Complimentary lock for bicyclists to borrow
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