Mountain biking in Nepal and the Lupra Pass

Mountain biking in Nepal and the Lupra Pass

Cycling in and around Kathmandu and Lupra Pass


Exploring Nepal by mountain bike is one of the best possible ways to experience this remarkable, mountainous country. The Annapurna Conservation region, home to the famed Lupra Pass is, of course, no exception to this. The area is remote and breathtaking; you'll feel freer and yet, at the same time, more connected, than you have in years. Free from the daily stress and tribulations of daily live, yet so connected with the real world and the Nepalese culture and people you're now surrounded by.  

This is a place to soothe the soul and mind, and you'll feel so rewarded by having experienced it in the truest sense of nature, by mountain bike.

Planning a multi-day journey to Nepal may be overwhelming, but unquestionably worth it. We recommend taking the services of an expert local guide to make the most of your experience - letting them prepare the fine details of your trip and providing you with the best local experience based on their years of local knowledge.

The Nepalese are very proud of their country, knowing that they live in one of the most beautiful regions on the planet. Right in the heart of Nepal, the Annapurna Area offers astonishing trails with glorious views and striking routes. You don't want to miss it.

Everything you've ever dreamt and imagined the Himalayas to be will live up to, and exceed your expectations on a mountain biking tour of these spectacular mountains.  

Images courtesy of Ram Gurang of Mountain Biking Adventures Nepal Himalayas 

Ram is one of our CycleLifeHQ esteemed bicycle tourism Ambassadors and is able to help you out with all your tour and travel information for your mountain biking trip to Nepal. You can contact him via email at with subject line: CycleLifeHQ bicycle tourism query.

When to go

The peak season for travelers to hit the trails in the Annapurna region, including Lupra Pass, is from October to December, when skies are clear and the weather is warm; making ideal riding conditions. March to May is another high season thanks to Spring’s magnificent weather patterns, and the blooming rhododendrons. Prices can soar in these times and lodging should be booked well in advance.

June to September, on the other hand, sees much fewer visitors and lower rates. For good reason: this is when the country is more likely to suffer landslides after monsoon rains (largely at night) and views are lacking as the mountains are covered with clouds - as well as snow.

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Our local CycleLifeHQ bicycle tourism Ambassador, Ram Manage, of Mountain Biking Adventures Nepal Himalayas is recommended as your first port of call for everything you need to know about mountain biking in the Himalayas and the Lupra Pass.

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