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Cycling in Republic of Palau

Cycling in Palau

Palau, a tiny nation in the Western Pacific Ocean located next to the Philippines, has been branding itself as a "Pristine Paradise" destination for years where tourists can enjoy the bounties of the seas. While the mention of the country's name may not ring a bell to most people, it is music to the ears of sea buffs, particularly those who are into scuba diving and snorkeling.

But there is more to the country than the vast seas that suround it and its beauty can only be explored ultimately through land activities such as cycling.

Through the years, the "Pristine Paradise" tourism campaign has become a buzzword to promote the country's unspoiled oceans and its resources and while there is no denying that the country posseses one of the most exemplary oceans in the world, much of its natural beauty that can be explored only by land shall not be taken for granted.


Cycling activities are not new to Palau. It's just that it is not getting as much publicity as the other tourism activities in the country. Palau may be a small nation with only around 20,000 population but it offers a humungous possibilities for cyclists to explore and experience. A group of cyclists, and even independent ones, have been enjoying all kinds of trails to the Babeldaob Island and even in the outlying islands. If you're one for a well-paved road, we have it here. If you're one for a challenging, steep, and Ferris Wheel kind of ride, we also have it here. 

But perhaps the most unique of all is that cycling in Palau is like cycling your way through history and culture. As you whistle and pedal along the way, you will not only enjoy the lush vegetation, the songs of the different bird species, and the view of the oceans from a high-altitutude trail but as well as the remnants of World War 2. Palau has been the stage ground of one of the bloodiest battles in history and this story is evident in World War 2 relics that stood the test of time. But one thing that should not be set aside is the hospitality of the locals. If you cycle in Palau, locals are too friendly that they will wave at you as you pass by.


A battle tank that is the remnant of World War 2 can be seen in Peleliu State.


This is only the beginning of the journey. If you keep an eye on Palau, we will lead you to all the things that mean a lot to visiting cyclists - food to eat, places to sleep, cafes and stores to stop by along the road, beautiful spots, historical and cultural sites, bicycle shops and rentals, bicycle friendly establishments, and more.

Credit for all information and images on this page to our Palau local Ambassador, Rhealyn. You can meet Rhealyn here.


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