Cycling in Vietnam

Cycling in Vietnam

People often know of Vietnam as a Southeast Asian country that suffered drastic wars, but not many people know this small country has an amazing culture, sophisticated cuisine and is blessed with breathtaking natural vistas. It doesn’t sound like a country that went through a lot of pain and tears from guns and battles, but somehow those painful times have enriched the beauty of Vietnam and made the country as it is today.

It’s great to explore Vietnam by motorcycles – the most common transport here – but cycling from towns to towns allows you to have a closer and deeper look at the unique beauty of Vietnam. With a bike, you can easily access every corner of the country, from the busy urban streets to pristine rural routes, and find amazing views nearly around every bend.

Come and cycle around the vibrant Saigon in the south, or wander in the chaotic capital of Hanoi in the north. Or dive into the nostalgic atmosphere of the ancient town of Hoi An where your fragile heart will soon be captured by the lanterns’ enchanted lights. The countryside and coastal areas are even more fantastic. Poetic villages, yellow paddy fields, and white sand beaches will add more colors to your ride, turning your every cycle into an unforgettable memory of Southeast Asia.

Hop on your bike and say hello to Vietnam!

Our local Vietnamese bicycle tourism Ambassador is Reece Guihot. You can meet Reece here.

When to go

There is no right or wrong time to visit Vietnam, only a right or wrong part of the country! Generally, Vietnam is typically warm and humid, but technically speaking, the weather of the country with 2000+ miles of coastline can be split by region. While the mountainous far north is experiencing snow, the beaches in the south have hours of sunshine and the temperature is 32°C! Here is an overview of the regional weather of Vietnam.

If you’re planning to travel to Hanoi and the north, you might want to avoid between May and October since the weather is hot and humid with high rainfall. November to April is more pleasant with cool and dry weather. Meanwhile, in the far north, December and January can be particularly cold.

Central Vietnam is naturally hot. The weather is dry between January and August when the temperature can be over 30°C, while high levels of rainfall and even storms can occur in September, October and November. Check the weather before you go!

Southern Vietnam’s climate is not as severe as the north and central, but the weather is unexpected. Ho Chi Minh City, for example, experiences changeable weather. It’s normal to see it’s raining for a few minutes, then beaming with sunlight till noon before starting to rain again. But generally, the region is dry and hot from November to April, warm and wet between May and October, and has the highest rainfall in June, July, and August.  

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