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About the Scheme

Bike Stops are local businesses who provide a range of facilities for bike riders – both locals and visitors. The types of facilities provided by each business will vary, but might include access to toilets, showers and change rooms, bag storage, water refill and tyre pumps, among other services.

While these type of facilities are often provided at workplaces across the ACT, there is little to support those who are visiting the city and town centres for purposes other than their normal place of work or education.

In developing this program, the ACT Government supports and recognises businesses who are contributing to build the image and brand of Canberra as bike-friendly and as Australia’s cycling capital.

How do you get involved?

We would like to hear from you if you would like to be part of this exciting program. Help us with this joint partnership venture to support local business and the local community. Let’s work together to make Canberra the bike riding capital of Australia!

For any queries, or to register your interest, please contact the Active Travel Office on (02) 6207 7302 or by email to

Staff of the Active Travel Office will meet with you on site to chat about what facilities you are able to offer. We will then send you a formal letter of registration to sign up to the program.

The Active Travel Office will then prepare content to promote your business as part of the scheme and will provide you with a shopfront window sticker to proudly display.

Bike Stops

Bike Stops

Bike Stops

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