Gravel rides

Gravel rides

Gravel rides

Quiet country roads

Canberra really offers a wealth of experience and diversity with the best of every world – a vibrant city heart, remote iconic bushland and quiet country roads (sealed and unsealed) all within close proximity. Within the bounds of the city are some great gravel riding experiences, on gentle fire trails whilst, a little further afield, and in neighbouring shores are a wealth of country roads waiting to be explored through Gunning, Gundaroo, Collector and more.


Want to get off the beaten track and away from the City for some remote mountain bike or gravel grinding experiences? The Brindabella Ranges will have you right in the heart of iconic Australian bush. Bring a day pack, a billy and some crumpets for a mid-ride campfire for a truly Australian bush experience.

To get the most out of your time in the Brindabellas, you can drive to your ride starting point and then unpack your bike to ride from there. This will save you time to spend more of it in the mountains rather than the City-Brindabella commute.

One suggestion here is to ride from Weston Creek to Picadilly Circus and then back via Two Sticks Road.

Googong foreshores

Googong Foreshores offers a range of gravel and mountain biking experiences. It’s located 10km south of Queanbeyan and offers iconic Australian bush scenery with wildlife encounters. It offers cultural and natural heritage experiences with the London Bridge homestead and natural geological formation of the London Bridge itself; both of which are located in the south of the park. The entire foreshore area is a wildlife refuge. In addition to two key rides in the area, there are numerous fire trails throughout the reserve suitable for mountain biking.

Canberra Nature Park

Canberra Nature Park is made up of 33 separate areas ranging from bushland hills to some of the best examples of endangered ecological community of Yellow Box-Red Gum Grassy Woodland left in Australia.

Most Canberrans reside within walking distance of a Canberra Nature Park, making it easy for visitors to access too. Explore by bike some fo the great tracks and trails, or if you’re up for the challenge, ride to one of the summits of Canberra's ridges and peaks, either via road or mountain bike, to enjoy an eagle-eye view of the ACT region. Popular choices include Black Mountain, Red Hill and Mt Ainslie. The following site provides further information about the full range of gravel and mountain biking experiences across the various parks and reserves which comprise the Canberra Nature Park: .