Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains by bike

The best bicycle adventures and cycling vacations in the Blue Mountains

While the Blue Mountains might be best known for its hiking experiences, it's  not to be overlooked as your perfect adventure cycling escape from Sydney. It's also a top cycling destination in its own right, and its proximity to Sydney is just a bonus. Easy transport and access makes it great for a day trip or a multi-day bicycle adventure.

With the area's spectacular scenery, array of natural attractions and sight-seeing, as well as quaint townships and villages with boutique stores and great accommodation providers and cafes, we're pretty sure you'll want to make a multi-day experience of this one. And for the whole family. No one will be bored on this trip, no matter what the variety of interests of your travelling party.

The Blue Mountains cycling experiences offers unsurpassed gravel grinds on fire-trails through Eucalypt forest; singletrack mtb thrills and some great cycling routes for the roadies.

No matter your style of riding (or hiking), with the endless blue horizon of eucalyptus trees and the fresh mountainous air, your time on bike will be a whole new experience in the Blue Mountains.

The declared World Heritage Area features one-million-hectares of captivating tall forests, sandstone cliffs, canyons, and waterfalls. There are many activities of which cycling is one of many ways to explore this  must-see mountainous destination.

Mountain bike riders of all levels are welcomed at the Blue Mountains, with many beginner-friendly trails including Faulconbridge Point Trail, Linden Ridge Trail, and Lake Woodford Trail. There’re also countless intermediate rides such as Andersons Trail, Ignar Trail, and the region's Oaks Fire Trail – arguably one of the most popular mountain bike rides in Australia. There are also a multitude of overnight adventure cycle tour experiences to be had by the bike-packer or bike-tourer.

Now you understand why people are flooding to the region every year. And you may be the next one to join them. Come and see the trail system for yourself and dive into the magnificent scenery that only the Blue Mountains has to offer.

The beautiful and charming towns of Katoomba, Leura and others are well worth spending some time to explore.

When to go

Although the Blue Mountains is said to be ideal for visiting all year round, to maximise your bicycle adventure experience, we suggest visiting in Autumn, Spring or Summer. 

Don’t get us wrong; winter can also be a marvelous time to visit the Blue Mountains. It provides cold nights and great vibes to celebrate Christmas in July and enjoy a series of events. However, you can't tell whether tomorrow might snow or not. It can also be very foggy across many of the region's valleys at this time of year so you might be disappointed if you're expecting spectacular views for which the region is celebrated.

In Summer, the weather here is warm and often cooler than Sydney, offering a welcome respite from the city heat and humidity. Autumn is a magical time with stunning orange-red leaves and less rain. If you’re patient enough, wait until Spring when gardens are full bloom, the weather is warm, and a day on the singletracks is pretty hard to beat!

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Getting there and away

Arguably, the most relaxing way to travel to the Blue Mountains is by train. Just sit back and enjoy the views passing your window. And yes, here are a few things you need to know before hop on a train and head to the Blue Mountains.

If you are flying into Sydney, there is a rail link taking passengers directly to Sydney Airport to Central Railway Station. The trains depart every hour and take around two hours to reach Katoomba. The journey will most likely stop at Strathfield, Parramatta, Penrith, Emu Plains, and some other stations all the way to the Blue Mountains.

You can take your bicycle on the train using an Opal card free of charge to travel on NSW TrainLink Intercity services. If you use a paper ticket, you can take your bike for free on the weekends and during off-peak hours without paying an extra fee. However, you need to buy a child ticket for your bicycle if you’re traveling during peak hours on the weekdays. Peak hours are between 6am - 9am and 3:30pm - 7:30pm on weekdays.

If your bike is a folding one…that’s ok. Folding bicycles are allowed on trains and FREE of charge at ANY TIME. Remember to fold it and carry in your bag.

Final note, make sure your bicycle not to block the doors or passageways.