Byron Bay

Byron Bay

Cycling in the Byron Bay region

Byron Bay - everyone's heard of it. It's an Australian mecca for surfing and chill. But it's also an amazing paradise for cycling opportunities including the spectacular coastline and hinterland regions; and with plenty of off-bike attractions to provide a perfectly balanced cycling holiday - markets; food and wine; beach and sea-based activities; boutique shopping; the annual Easter Blues festival; spa and luxury retreats; vibrant community spirit and more. This place has a laid-back holiday atmosphere year-round; though it does get very busy and crowded during the peak summer months when you will want to book well ahead.

The township of Byron Bay itself, together with other seaside villages and quaint hinterland towns all provide their own unique character, and everything you need to support an amazing cycling holiday to this bucket list destination. Visit the iconic Byron Bay lighthouse - on mainland Australia's most easterly point.

Byron Bay's tourism bonanza started in the 1960s when the first Longboard Surfers arrived in town, closely followed soon after by the 1973 Aquarius Festival in nearby Nimbin; both of which firmly established the region's reputation as an alternative, hippy destination. This reputation continues today, and the region is home to many unique wholefoods and natural product industries; as well as a health and wellness retreat. Bicycle tourism really is just the next natural progression, and with stunning scenery and spectacular countryside, it's a great place to explore by two wheels.


Photo credits: Cyclist Australia/NZ magazine

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