Bellingen Shire


Cycling in Bellingen Shire

The Bellingen Shire has some of the worlds most inspiring cycling experiences.  It is unique in that it caters for all types of riders.  If you are a recreational, sightseeing bicycle rider, you can explore curated, family-friendly rides.  If you are a road-tider, you can climb mountains and travel along quiet country roads.  If you are a mountain biker, you can explore some amazing mountain bike trails.

Dertails of cycling experiences for each of the distinctive areas within the Shire are below:






Cycling in Dorrigo

Dorrigo Rainforest Centre Ride

Dorrigo Arts Trail Ride

Dorrigo to Dangar Falls Sightseeing Ride

Cycling in Urunga

Urunga - Hungry Head Coast Ride

Urunga Mylestom River Ride

Cycling in Bellingen

Promised Land Sightseeing Ride

Bellingen to Dorrigo Road Riding

Bellingen Road Riding Loop

Tour Companies

Tour de Bello

Bellingen Nature Bike Rides

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