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So close yet a world away...

This is your gravel grinding destination right on the footstep of the nation's capital, and within an easy couple of hours' drive from Sydney. It's so close but yet a million miles away. From it all!

From the traffic, from the crowds, from the hectic pace of everyday life. This is your escape. And it's exactly why you own a gravel bike - that happy-medium between road riding but not mountain biking - just exploring some awesome country roads by a different set of wheels suited for a bit of gravel.

Amongst the rolling hills of the Upper Lachlan you will find pioneering villages each with its own rich history and individual contribution to the character of the area. Spend a few days and you can explore the stone architecture of Taralga, the gold mining history of Tuena, the fine wool region of Gunning and the bushranging past of Collector just to name a few. And what better way than by bike?!

Crookwell provides an ideal base from which to explore the region, and with plenty of accommodation and eatery options it's the natural choice.

Quiet country roads take you off the beaten path and provide a memorable cycling experience, taking in some of the best of regional NSW grazing landscapes, while supported by townships of sufficient size to facilitate your cycling adventure - accommodation, cafes and restaurants, wineries and many points of attractions along the way.

Riding high on the Great Dividing Range at up to 1100m above sea level, the shire experiences the seasons in all their glory. Autumn blazes with fiery oranges, brilliant golden yellows and deep ruby reds. Falling leaves shower the roads and countryside with their fading glory. Winter introduces you to rolling hills blanketed in white powdery snow and the perfect excuse to snuggle up next to a roaring log fire. Spring heralds the arrival of warmer times with masses of exquisite blossoms, bulbs and flowers of every description. Gentle summers allow you to escape the harsh heat and humidity of coastal regions.

The key townships of the Upper Lachlan are Crookwell, Gunning, Dalton and Taralga.

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For some inspiration for a multi-day bikepacking adventure through the Upper Lachlan Shire, you can follow Elizabeth Cage's April 2018 ride with detailed ride and trip notes available at her blog site: Prologue (Goulburn - Collector - Gunning - Crookwell - Taralga - Goulburn)

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Some practical information for your cycling experience

Please note the following for your cycling experience in the Upper Lachlan:

As you are in a regional area, mobile service is patchy and, in some areas, nonexistent. Be sure that you're fully prepared for your ride with spare tubes, snacks etc to be fully self-sufficient. Many of the regional roads see little traffic, so it may be some time before another passing vehicle comes your way.

You'll be riding on country roads and sharing these with local traffic. Many roads in the region don't have shoulders. However, it is generally relatively easy for vehicles to pass. Please show courtesy for local traffic by riding as far left as practicable at all times (this is NSW law) and by riding single file where this will help traffic to pass you and fellow cyclists. 

NSW law states that vehicle drivers must give at least 1 meter distance when passing cyclists in speed zones of 60kph or less; and at least 1.5 metres in speed zones above 60kph.

Visitors to the Upper Lachlan are also advised to check on opening hours of local businesses if you're relying on food and fuel supplies in small townships.