Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast

Cycling the Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is a great destination for sightseeing by bike, road riding and mountain biking. It's got something for everyone; including some perfect R and R at the nearby beaches. What a lifestyle - enjoy some healthy exercise by bike in the mornings, and then relax the afternoon away, feeling virtuous and well-deserved, at the beach. This is a destination you definitely won't regret visiting, especially if you're otherwise suffering a bit of a case of the winter doldrums living in more southern climes of Australia from May - October.

Some of the best road rides here are to be had along the coastal regions and also in the hinterlands. The Sunshine Coast has you covered whether you prefer flat and undulating rides, or something with some challenging hills. Did someone say 'Obi Obi Hill'?! With a maximum grade of 31%... anyway, enough said! Good luck out there boys and girls!

When to go

When the rest of Australia is suffering through the midst of winter from June to August, the Sunshine Coast offers a warm relief, a good dose of Vitamin D, and a very welcome window of newfound riding opportunities. Get your road bike off the wind trainer, take a break from Zwift and feel the wind through your hair (ah hem, helmet) again. 

Sunshine Coast is a welcoming riding destination year round, though the summertime temperatures and humidity can be a challenge.

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