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The best bicycle adventures and cycling vacations in Dorset

If you often read articles about cycling and biking, you will see names like Blue Derby, Blue Tier, or North East Rail Trail are very familiar, don’t they? Having a closer look, you’ll find these amazing trails share the same home: the northeast of Tasmania, in this case, Dorset.

Thanks to the mountainous terrain, Dorset quickly becomes a mountain biking mecca, boasting more than 200km of singletracks and riding adventures scattering around the region. In the future, the trail systems will become even bigger with over 120km of new purpose-built mountain bike trails are going to be added. Seem like the heat of Dorset won’t go anywhere for the next few years.

The region is also proud of its 26-km rail trail – the North East Rail Trail Tasmania which connects Scottdales and Billycock Hill, and passes some of the best forestry sections you can find in the area. The trail is perfect for family with young children and, no doubt, a favorite of many.

So what are you waiting for? Gather your gears, bump your tires, sharpen your riding skills, and wear your best clothes, a feast of mountain biking routes and cycling tracks is waiting for you.

When to go

Lovely cool temperature climate, phew, now that’s fantastic for a biking trip in North East Tasmania. However, to make sure your plan doesn’t blow up on your first day in Dorset, please do check the weather in advance.

Expect more rain when you come to higher mountainous areas.

Summer days have long daylight hours.

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