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Cycling is great, no matter what town you are in. And it’s even better in Kentish and Latrobe.

Neighboring to each other in the north of Tasmania, Kentish and Latrobe are gorgeous regions. While Latrobe is proud of its heritage towns and natural beauty, Sheffield and Railton are the heart and soul of Kentish in terms of tourism.

Cycling is one (and arguably the best) way to merge yourself into the natural and historical richness of the regions. You’ll be surprised to see how thrilling to cycle around Sheffield and find murals nearly at every bend, or stop your bike at the private gardens to amaze the clever topiary in Railton. And when you start getting bored of Kentish, cycle back in time on Latrobe’s main street where there are 75 heritage buildings.

Just as you think the fun is over, Railton to Sheffield ride offers a taste on the state’s few true rail trails, and the brand new Wild Mersey Mountain Bike Experience will give a big end to your bicycling trip in Latrobe and Kentish regions.

Wild Mersey Mountain Bike Experience

Following the success of Blue Derby, Latrobe and Kentish Councils collaborate to develop a new trail system called the Wild Mersey Mountain Bike Experience. It is hoped that the network will not only give a positive economic impact on the region but also encourage more biking enthusiasts to come to Tasmania.

Built since the first half of 2018, the system connects Latrobe on the Mersey River with Railton and Sheffield, the town of murals at the base of Mount Roland. After completion, the area will establish over 100kms of world-class trails through the region’s unique wilderness. These biking tracks offer everything from adrenaline rush down steep rocky terrain to gentle and peaceful rides. All route showcase fantastic views including the breathtaking sights of Cradle Mountain and Narawntapu National Park. In addition, catering service will be provided in and around the system, featuring the regional dishes such as crafted beer, wine, chocolate, and cheese.

Wild Mersey Mountain Bike Experience is easy to be reached from Burnie, Devonport, Launceston, and Hobart.

When to go

Arguably, the best time for cycling and biking in Kentish and Latrobe is between September and February when the weather is fairly warm and less rain. However, due to the unpredictable weather of Tasmania, you better check the weather forecast before going.

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