Blue Derby

Mountain biking at Blue Derby

Mountain biking at Blue Derby

In the 19th century, the township of Derby, in Tasmania's north-east temperate rainforests, was a prosperous town with one of the world's richest tin mines. At its peak the township comprised 3,000 people; and then slumped to 174 through the 20th century as the mines closed operations for good in 1948.

However, almost overnight from 2015-2017, the township was injected with significant financial investment as the Tasmanian State Government recognized the opportunity to revitalise the town through a new bicycle tourism revolution.

Today? - it seems every building in the township is now offering lodging and accommodation to mountain-bikers traveling from all corners of the globe to experience first-hand this mountain biking mecca.

Blue Derby – the star of mountain biking trails network in Tasmania and Australia – brings to you legendary trails and world-class adventures. With more than 120 kilometers of purpose-built trails, Blue Derby has numerous singletracks from green to double-black that excite any rider with all skill levels.

It is the magnificent nature as well as the all-encompassing experience of mountain biking here, and all-about-bike town that make Blue Derby irresistible - for seasoned mountain bikers and those who have never before given it a shot. The residents of Derby love biking as much as you do and they offer everything you need for your best biking experience here.

If you want to read more about Blue Derby or become a supporter, visit Ride Blue Derby.

Photo Credit: Hero Image from Flow Mountain Biking – where you can also find a lot of updates on Blue Derby.

When to go

Blue Derby Mountain Biking Trails network is open all year around.

An annual winter closure affects Blue Tier and Big Chook only. These trails are closed for the majority of July and August but remain open at all other times throughout the year.

Derby's hot tip: April to mid-June and September to mid-November are when the trails are in peak riding condition.

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