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The best bicycle adventures and cycling vacations on the West Coast, Tasmania

Tasmania's West Coast is famed as one of the world's truly great cycling destinations. And with good reason - pristine, remote temperate rainforests; Wilderness World Heritage Areas; rugged coastlines; mountainous climbs; and relatively low levels of motorised traffic; it's a bicycle adventure you'll never forget, no matter your mode of choice.

Tasmania lives up to, and exceeds, its reputation for stunning natural scenery and historic and heritage townships. You can choose to ride Tasmania's West Coast as a great road or gravel destination; for a mountain biking adventure; a rail-trail ride; or bike-packing/bike-touring experience. The choice is yours! The region is well equipped to support any pedaled journey here.

Although the West Coast is quite remote, you can experience the best of both worlds with quality accommodation together with some of Tasmania's finest dining experiences.

From Stanley in the north, via the remote and isolated mining townships of Zeehan, Tullah and Rosebery; and further south to Strahan and then inland to Queenstown, this is a region unlike any other. Queenstown prides itself on its barren hillside and landscapes, testament to its former mining days. Strahan, a picturesque fishing village on the Macquarie Harbour, has an authentic charm that will capture your heart; set among exquisite, lush green rainforests. Take a breather off the bike and enjoy a full day Macquarie Harbour Cruise; or Abt Railway trainride through the wilderness.

We've pulled together some of the best ride experiences for your journey to Tasmania's West Coast - whether it's the pleasant Montezuma Falls rail trail; or the challenging 99 Bends out of Queenstown, we think you'll love it here!

Grab your bike, pack your gear, and head on down to Tasmania's wild and rugged West Coast to visit the world heritage wilderness and enjoy a journey of discovery.

When to go

Tasmania's West Coast. It rains here. A lot! The temperate lush green rainforests wouldn't be what they are without it. It can also get pretty breezy, with those Roaring '40s rolling straight on in from all the way over on Africa's East Coast. That's a loooong way to build up plenty of steam and speed. 

But don't be disheartened - it's a great cycling destination and you can experience it in beautiful conditions. 

Our recommendation is to visit in Summer and Autumn. Don't be fooled; it can still be wet, windy, and possibly with snow and ice. Come prepared. However, temperatures at this time of year are going to be more likely suited for good riding conditions, with daytime averages around 17°C to 21°C and less winds than Springtime. Wintertime temperatures will generally be around a maximum of 10°C; and often in relatively bleak conditions.

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