Cycling in Banff, Canada

Mountain biking in Banff, Canada

Banff is a world-class mountain biking destination. The trails are engaging and vary greatly from easy beginner wide track to technical trails with built features. Great trails exist everywhere, though what's truly special about Banff is the scenery and safari-style riding! Turn a corner and you have a beautiful mountainscape, around the next you may have a wolf chasing a deer through the woods! After an amazing ride, you're in a town chalked full of great dining and socializing options where you can regale your buddies with your epic crash or beautiful send. This town is a place any mountain biker would feel psyched to call home. It doesn't stop in Banff though, within in a 4-hour driving radius you have access to at least another four destinations that are just as excellent (Canmore AB, Panorama/Invermere BC, Revelstoke BC) making Banff a perfect mountain biking home base.

Credit: Hero Image from Banff and Lake Louise Tourism.

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