British Columbia

British Columbia

Mountain Biking in British Columbia


Mountain biking. British Columbia. Do we need to say anything else?! Kinda speaks for itself. This is one place whose reputation absolutely preceeds it. And for good reason.

There's Whistler for starters. Of course!

But then there are two acclaimed IMBA Ride Centers - Silver Star Mountain (Silver level) and Burns Lake (Bronze).

Yeah, we think you'll like it here!

British Columbia (BC), Canada has positioned itself as, undeniably, one of the world's BEST mountain biking destinations. They've placed themselves well ahead in the bicycle tourism game for mountain bikers. Here, biking really is so much more than just the ride. This is one province that really captures the very essence of the sport, and provides an absolutely outstanding experience.

The riding culture of BC and what you'll expereince here on any vacation is pretty hard to beat. It's an all-encompassing adventure, even if you're not an avid rider. You'll enjoy your time in the saddle, as well as everything else that's provided off the bike. The culture, the community, the way the resorts transition overnight from snow activities to completely rebrand into cycling. New bike parks, trails and events are popping up every year. It's impossible to leave disappointed. Except, perhaps to be disappointed that you have to leave at all!

The province is outstanding for mountain biking experiences with its incredible variety of terrain, which attracts and delights riders of every stripe and stoke level. Ribbons of trails traverse wilderness zones, charming rural towns, and urban centers. Zip over loamy singletrack in the coastal mountains, roll through wine country in the Thompson Okanagan, descend rugged alpine terrain in the south Chilcotin, or pedal along the scenic waterfronts of Vancouver and Victoria.

And if you think it's just a mountain biking destination, we hate to say you're wrong. But, well... quite simply put: you're wrong! BC's breathtaking scenery and landscapes makes it a road riders paradise too.

The experience here really is one of a kind. Just get out there is our recommendation!


Photo Credit: Hero Image from Mountain Biking BC.