Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Mountain Biking in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic may not be the first place that comes to mind as your next cycling destination. However, think again! With two designated IMBA mountain bike Ride Centers, great roads with stunning landscapes and scenery, and urban centers perfect for exploaration by bike, the Czech Republic offers something for everyone and is set to make bicycle tourism its next big thing! Explore the Czech Republic on two wheels before everyone else does.

It's a fantastic destination for cycling tourism with varied landscapes and gorgeous trail systems. Whether you prefer the flatlands and hills, this country has a wealth of new riding experiences to offer you.

With over 770 cycle tours and trails all around the Czech Republic there are plenty of options for outdoor enthusiasts. 

Your body and soul will thank you for numerous singletrack trail therapy and for the stunning views from every corner you go through. Discover all these remarkable experiences in the Rychleby (Cerna Voday) and Jizera Mountains.

Some of the things that attract bike lovers are not just unforgettable adventures but also tasty cuisines and good transportation connections making your travel experience a breeze. Come, see, experience and explore, and give yourself an answer as to why the Czech Republic is quickly becoming a gem for bicycle tourists.

Photo Credit: Hero Image from CzechTrails.