Sightseeing Prague, Czech Republic by bike

Sightseeing Prague, Czech Republic by bike

Cycling around Prague can be not only one of the most enjoyable, but also one of the most efficient ways to experience this gorgeous and completely charming city.

With around 93km of cycling paths within the capital itself, it's relatively easy to navigate the city by two wheels. One of the best things about exploring Prague by bike - you can stop and start super easily. Something caught your eye? Sniff out an early morning bakery that's just too tempting? Just squeeze on the brake, pull over and you're there. Enjoying every moment, and being able to make the most of chance encounters and random sights, smells and sounds. Let the journey take you where it will; go with the flow; relax and discover.

Moreover, once you've fully explored the city sights, the areas surrounding Prague offer memorable cycling experiences as part of your travels. There are in excess of around 30,000km of bike trails throughout the Czech Republic and you can choose from on-road or off-road routes through the countryside, connecting wineries in southern Moravia, and passing through spectacular countryside.

The main Moravian Wine Trail connects Znojmo with Uherské Hradiště and travels through ten winemaking regions. Some 1,000 kilometers of trails pass through the beautiful vineyards and gardens of southern Moravia. Don't worry, you can also choose to connect wineries very close by each other and just make a pleasant afternoon of it.

The bike routes are well signposted with yellow signs and directional pointers with a clear bicycle symbol and trail number, as well as distance markers to key points of interest. Of course, we've mapped out a few of the best rides below for you to easily follow via download or our mobile app.

Off-road trails lead through the countryside and terrain, mostly on field or forest paths. These trails are marked with striped signs and guideposts. We recommend a touring or gravel bike for these routes, though you can do them on a mountain bike or road bike too. And, of course, electric-assist bikes offer a perfect way to tour the Czech Republic and the city of Prague too.

One of the first long-distance trails to be open connected Prague to Vienna. The Moravian long distance bike trail connects to Polish trails in the foothills of the Jeseník mountain range and follows the river Morava all the way to the Austrian border, where it meets the Austrian trail to Vienna at Valtice. Cycle paths were built on both sides of the Czech and Austrian borders. Another cycle path leads around the Lipensky Dam and connects with the cycle path going through the Šumava area. A dense network of paths also crisscrosses the Jizersky mountains if you're looking for something more challenging.

When to go

Because of the chilly climate, summer months are tourist peak, which means higher room rate. We recommend you travel during spring and early fall as the hotel rates are lower, the skies are clear, and the temperature ranges from 10 to above 15℃, still good for an excellent bike ride!

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