Hossa National Park

Hossa National Park, Suomussalmi

Mountain biking in Hossa National Park, Suomussalmi

Located in Suomussalmi, Hossa National Park never stops to amaze everyone for its natural beauty and mystery. One of the ways to explore the wildlife of the area is on two wheels. Boasting over 90 kilometers of mountain bike trails, the national park can keep you busy on the tracks for days. However, the highlight of the natural area is the 50-km Sininen Saavutus Trail which was designated as an EPIC trail by IMBA in 2017.

Sininen Saavutus Trail is physical demanding with many ascents and descents. Nonetheless, there’re plenty of rest sites along the trail for refreshment. If you can’t make it till the end, you can take a shortcut or choose a road connection. For experienced bikers, the trail can be ridden within a day (minimum 4-5 hours).

A selection of accommodations and restaurants are available in the National Park. Most of them provide bike rentals, maps, guides, and information about the trails. 

Hossa National Park is managed by the state enterprise Metsähallitus Parks & Wildlife Finland (later P&WF) as a state-owned protected area. P&WF adheres to sustainable development policies and principles of sustainable tourism in protected areas, setting clear goals for protected area management from ecological, cultural and socioeconomical perspectives of sustainability.

The most important partners in management of the trail are local municipalities and the cycling association of the City of Kuusamo.

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Photo credit: Hero image from http://www.hossa100.fi/retki-info/en/sininen-saavutus-biking-trail/

When to go

For an ideal mountain biking trip, you should visit Hossa National Park from late June to early August when the weather is warm.

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