Mountain biking in Livigno, Italy


Located in the Northern Italian Alps, the ski resort town of Livigno is also known as "Little Tibet" for its mountainous setting near the Swiss border, in the heart of the Alta Rezia region. Mountain biking in Livigno, has an interesting history dating particularly from 2005 when the World Championships were hosted in the town, Livigno has found its way to the hearts and minds of enthusiastic bikers all around the world.

The town's trails boasts a diverse terrain, fantastic cycling infrastructure and great mtb services including guided tours, retail and rental bike shops, bike instruction schools, shuttle services and more than 15 bike-friendly hotels from which to choose. Also in the town are two large ski lift operations on two different mountains, and Europe’s top bike park: the Mottolino Bike Park that offers flow trails, jumps, a skills park, an air bag and North Shore–style feature, and Carosello 3000 Mountain Park with its new 20km of mountain bike trails.

Together with the surrounding area, the region has more than 2,000 kilometers of mapped trails for bike riders of all levels. In 2013, IMBA officially designated Livigno as a Silver Level Ride Center – a worthy achievement for the small town.

Photo credit: Hero image from LIVIGNO

When to go

Average temperatures in Livigno vary dramatically. Livigno experiences relatively cool weather all year round with a fair chance of rain for half of the year. The region is less temperate than some other tourist destinations worldwide. The warmest period to visit Livigno is from June to August with July and August being the hottest months. The temperature during this period is around 18.9° and rarely below 5°C at night. Perfect riding conditions!

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It’s impossible to get bored in Livigno with countless sports and outdoor activities available. Whether you’re paragliding in the sky, canoeing in the water, playing basketball, volleyball, football, rugby or soccer on the ground, you can find all the fun in the world and, who knows, maybe some new friends too.

If you’re into climbing, the walls in Fopel and the artificial tower in the town center are things you don’t want to miss. For horse riding lovers, Valle Delle Mine and Val Federia have wonderful tracks for you to spend time on a warm day while enjoying fascinating views. After a little more adventure? Visit Larix Park to test your bravery with its 6 full-length rope-course lying 18 meters above the ground!

Picking fragrant boletus mushrooms in the woods is another, slightly more tranquil, outdoor activity. Mushroom picking is a free and unrestricted activity for you to enjoy.

If you’ve run out of breath for energetic activities but still long for more fun, why not visit some art exhibitions, churches or a museum and learn about the history and fine art of Livigno? 

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