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Plav-Gusinje is a small region, nestled in a valley of the otherwise mountainous terrain in the south-east of Montenegro. The region forms the foothills at the base of the Prokletije National Park.

Gusinje has a population of around 1,600 and Plav around 4,000. ‘Plav’ is derived from the meaning ‘a flooded place’, and aptly sited on the River and Lake Plav.

Historically visited for hiking experiences in the Prokletije National Park, the combined Plav-Gusinje region is becoming increasingly popular for its great cycling experiences, with relatively quiet roads and stunning mountainous scenery. The area offers a wealth of road, gravel and mountain biking experiences.

Our recommendation is to base yourself in one of the key townships of Plav or Gusinje and spend 3-4 days exploring, returning to ‘base-camp’ each night and enjoying the picturesque townships with the great array of accommodation and dining options provided. Of course, bike-packing is another option for the region too.

The two townships are located about 12km apart, with a great circuit of 30km to connect the two and return back to whichever start point you had, cycling through the picturesque valley.



When to go

The climate of Plav-Gusinje is such that your best times to visit are in May and October where there's a pleasant average temperature of around 20-25 degrees Celcius and not a lot of rain. The months in between are hotter, making cycling a bit more challenging.

The rainy season is Oct-Feb and best avoided by bike.

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