Cycling in Amsterdam

Sightseeing Amsterdam by bike

Cycling is indisputably the best way to experience Amsterdam, and you shouldn’t leave the city without experiencing first-hand what all the fuss is about, as the city with the world's most famous cycling culture.

Boasting a wide network of traffic-calmed streets and world-class facilities for cyclists, Amsterdam is one of, if not the, most bicycle-friendly cities in the world. You won’t find any other place quite like Amsterdam where bike paths, bike racks, and guarded bicycle parking stations are available everywhere. Moreover, the city has countless bike stores and rentals, bike tour companies and bike-friendly accommodations, all combined with a truly respectful culture between drivers and cyclists

All these factors promise to give you the experience of your life on two wheels.

Everything you've heard about the cycling culture of Amsterdam is true, and it will live up to - and exceed - your highest expectations!

Come and discover Amsterdam in the Dutch way. See the city life slowly pass by while you’re pedaling along glistening and charming canals. And for more fun and adventure, ride out of the city to explore surrounding areas. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the countryside and the views of cute Dutch houses and iconic windmills sitting in the middle of dancing meadows. After just a few hours of cycling or even less, it feels like there is just you and your bike, journeying together to a fairyland…

When to go

Summer has the perfect weather to visit Amsterdam. However, this also means long waiting in front of the most popular attractions and your photos are crowded with people getting in the way of your view. To avoid this, we recommend visiting in late autumn and throughout most of the winter months if you don’t mind the cold. You'll be in good company still in Winter months on a bike in Amsterdam. The cold weather doesn't prevent the city's local commuters from riding their bikes year-round, no matter the cold, wet, wind and rain! For those who don’t like chilly weather, consider visiting in Spring (April, May, early June) or the Spring months (from mid-September and mid-October). During this time, the city isn't as crowded and you will still experience sunny skies and good cycling weather.

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