Road riding in Girona, Spain

Home to a disproportionate number of pro cyclists for its sub 100k total population, Girona has a lot to give: undulating country lanes, testing climbs, technical descents plus an explosion of varied cuisine and its own unique history, culture and architecture.

Former pro David Millar has lived in Girona since 2006 and sums it up: “There’s a reason Girona has become the go-to place, and it begins with five things: one, good training roads i.e varying terrain, quiet, good quality; two, good weather (winter rarely below 0, summer low 30s); three, airports nearby; four, other professionals to train with, and five, a good quality of life for the whole family" - quoted from Cycling Weekly.

The cycling culture here will have you not wanting to leave; you'll enjoy your time on the road as much as you will be recovering - and refueling - off the bike in the old town. That there is a cafe named 'Coffee Mafia' with a tagline 'Organized coffee' is enough to get us here alone!

While we're focusing on the road riding of Girona, there's something to offer the mtb and gravel enthusiasts as well. Don't despair, you don’t have to look far at all to find something to keep you entertained off the pavement and cobblestones. And if you’re a cyclorcross lover, your stair work will improve in no time after a couple of days in the old town! Just watch for pedestrians.

When to go

Girona has a relatively temperate climate making it visit-able year round; but you'll get the best riding weather in April-June and September-October when temperatures are mild 918ºc to 26ºc between April and June, and 26ºc to 21ºc in September and October).

Rainy days are around 5-7 per month (and who doesn't enjoy a forced and well-earned rest day after a few hard days in the saddle?).

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We recommend basing yourself in the old town and exploring the various ride routes from there. Everything you need will be at hand - food, drink, bike stores... There are many great accommodation options, no matter your budget.

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Events, key attractions and other points of interest

Girona hosts a number of events throughout the cycling seasons:

Girona Cycling Festival – The summer festival is a veritable week-long celebration of cycling, and features a gran fondo, hill climb and nocturne criterium among a host of daily group rides. You can enter all or one of the events, while there are other parties and social events organized too with different packages. It’s run by the team at the Girona Cycle Centre, who otherwise organize group rides and offer bike hire.

Terra de Remences – Held in May, the Terra de Remences is a local sportive in the north of the region with two options: a 95km short loop starting and finishing at Sant Esteve d’en Bas, and a longer 175km route that takes in the Capsacosta, Coll de Canes, Coll de Bracons and Cantonigrós climbs.

Terra de l’Aigua – This point-to-point sportive is on the southern-most edge of the Province of Girona, but well worth a punt. The long route is 106km and finishes atop the Turó de l’Home, while the short looped route is 89km in length, finishing in the town of San Celoni. This would be a good event for riders wanting to ride a manageable local Spanish sportive without the big-event frills.

Les Goges – Another locally-organized sportive (this time by the Banyoles Cycling Club), Les Goges is another with two routes: a 90km short ride and a 150km long route, which takes in the Mare de Deu del Mont, one of our highlighted must-do climbs.