Mountain biking in Taupo

From the magnificent Great Lake Trail to the family-friendly Craters Mountain Bike Park, Taupo - an IMBA Silver Level Ride Center – promises to give you unforgettable experiences on singletrack.

There are many ways to explore Taupo, and mountain biking is right up there as one of the best ways to enjoy the natural landscapes and immense beauty surrounding the town. This IMBA Ride Center destination boasts some of the best mountain biking trails in the center of New Zealand’s North Island. The trails here are purpose built to suit every rider. Moreover, thanks to the richness of pumice and free-draining soils, the tracks are always in good condition to ride, even in winter.

Start your bike trip by driving from Taupo, Kinloch or one of the nearby villages, or arrange a bike shuttle or a water taxi, to the trailhead further afield. You can ride the trails here yourself, hire a guide or book with a tour group. If you need more information and gear for your bike, the local bike shop staff are always happy to help. You'll find Taupo's customer service and welcoming nature of the community unparallelled.

Photo credit: Hero image from Love Taupo

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