Mountain biking and rail trails in Queenstown


Mountain biking in Queenstown is a great way to explore remote parts of this gorgeous region. Fantastic cross-country rides, downhill or freeride trails for hard-core mountain-bikers, cruising tracks around the lake for the whole family to enjoy…Queenstown has everything to suit your riding style, fitness, and your favorite terrain.

Famous above all, the Skyline gondola and Queenstown Bike Park will keep you busy for a few days to uncover one of the most amazing singletrack systems of the world. But there is more to ride in and around Queenstown, such as the far north of the town where you’ll find breathtaking Moonlight Sonata Trail and Moke Lake Loop offering smooth singletracks and spectacular alpine views.  

If you’re looking for guided tours, there are countless bike tour companies available in Queenstown. They have tours ranging from short gentle trails to multi-day biking adventures, guided by their finest guides who will entertain you with their great stories about the area and local knowledge. Most of these companies offer bikes for rent and you can choose to rent direct from them; or from other bike stores in town, or bring your own… doesn’t matter. What matters is that you're in one of the most amazing adventure capitals of the world, and there is nothing to stop you now!

Not only does Queenstown feature as one of our Top 32 global destinations for its mountain biking experiences, but wait there's more:

Queenstown is also home to the Otago Rail Trail; another of our Top 32 destinations for its uniqueness/boutique-ness! That's right - you won't find anything quite like it anywhere else in the world!

Photo credit: Hero image from Queenstown New Zealand


When to go

Queenstown is favorable for mountain biking all year round. But the best time to bike is spring when this adventure capital really comes alive. Just a few weeks after winter has passed, when snow is still falling during September, you can choose between skiing or biking in the sun. Plus, during spring, there’s no queuing for the chair lifts, and the prices of accommodation are more affordable.

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