Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

Sightseeing Buenos Aires, Argentina by bike

Buenos Aires has always been a great destination for travel, with its colourful architecture, buzzing city scene, raucous nightlife, impromptu street tango, and that incredible cuisine (someone say 'Argentinian steak-house'?) and now it's really putting itself on the map as one of, if not THE, most bicycle-friendly cities in South America.

Buenos Aires is a city like no other in its merging of Latin American flair with European elegance. It has a certain quirk and charm that everyone just seems to fall in love with.

What better way to make the most of your travels here than by getting yourself some wheels - two, to be precise - and getting out amongst the locals while taking in all the best city sights? Better yet, it's nearly completely flat and with over 130km of bike lanes throughout the city, increasing almost every day, providing a great network of connected routes to get you out of the traffic and breezing through the city. And you can eat another of those famous steaks without any need for guilt!

Photo Credit: Hero Image from Biking Buenos Aires.

When to go

There are two ideal times to visit Buenos Aires are autumn (March to May) and spring (September to November). We say this partly because you'll likely find the best travel deals between April and June; but October and November is when the city is prettiest, with abundant purple blooming jacarandas on display.

Summertime (December to February) is the high season. Be sure to book accommodation and other services well in advance if visiting during this peak busy season. Wintertime (June to August) in Buenos Aires can be cold. If visiting during winter, be prepared to rug up, especially while riding when you'll create for yourself some extra wind chill!

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Bike stores and rentals

As well as numerous bike rental services, the Buenos Aires Government also has a local bike share scheme in place - EcoBici. The yellow bikes are available for up to an hour at a time. To use them, you need to first register at one of 32 bike stations around the city. Bring a photocopy of your passport ID page and immigration stamp. You'll be asked to provide the address and telephone number of your accommodation in Buenos Aires, create a pin code and sign an agreement. Helmets and maps are available on request.

Another useful online tool for planning journeys is ComoLlego (comollego.ba.gob.ar).

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Masa Critica (Critical Mass)

If you've never experienced Critical Mass before (or even if you have), you won't want to miss this one on the first Sunday of every month. Local Argentinians display their usual vigor and vim through their passion for cycling, taking over the streets of the city.

This is a mass participation bike ride, intended to celebrate cycling and reassert cyclists' rights on the streets of Buenos Aires.

Meet at the Obelisco at 4pm for a very gentle and leisurely ride with 1,000s of your new friends to celebrate all that is cycling. This is a great way to experience the place as a local, a unique way to get a closer look at the city's thriving bike culture and explore some areas you may not otherwise get to on your own.