Big Bear Lake

Mountain biking at Big Bear Lake

Mountain biking at Big Bear Lake

From Spring to Autumn, Big Bear is always a great place for unforgettable mountain biking experiences. This world-class mountain biking mecca has more than one hundred miles of tracks and Forest Service roads to satisfy every age and skill level. Even the pickiest riders will be grinning ear to ear on this one! 

Big Bear caught the attention of the public in the 1990s when it hosted national mountain bike races including the National Off-Road Bicycle Association (NORBA) National Championship Series. Since then, the region has quickly become known as a mountain biking mecca and everyone, from the professionals to the novices, are crazy about this place.

Big Bear is known for its versatile cross country riding and for its complex trail network ranging from a 30-minute ride to a challenging five-hour one. No wonder why the system is considered as one of the best of the best in Southern California!

Some of the best cross country trails can be reached via the Snow Summit’s Scenic Sky Chair including the popular biking route: the Skyline Ridge (2N10) which traverses the Snow Summit Ski Resort. The trail offers the most scenic views in the valley with Mount San Gorgonio to the south and Big Bear Lake to the north. The two favorite intermediate chairlift loops on the 2N10 ridge are Grand View Loop and Plantation Trail. Also, don’t forget to spend some time on the Pine Knot Trail (1E01) for excellent terrain and an awesome series of twists and turns, as well as the adventurous Grout Bay Trail featuring raw terrain. Meanwhile, Woodland Trail on the North Shore is an ideal trail for beginners...

Photo credit: MTB Project

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