Mountain biking in Kernville

Mountain biking in Kernville

Create some of your best memories on the singletrack right here in Kernville!

The area boasts an extensive and well-maintained trail system that includes some of the best singletracks you’ll ever find in California. With amazing climbs and descents, the trails in Kernville provide tons of fun in the dirt. But the best thing is that every rider, regardless of riding abilities, can find their own trails in the town.

And we can't speak about mountain biking trails in Kernville, withou tmentioning the incredible trail – Kernville’s Cannell Plunge. The trail is part of the IMBA EPIC ride Cannell Trail, serving up 32 miles of singletrack. In one section, it drops 5,000 feet in just 8 miles! You won't be surprised to learn that this downhill trail has made a name for Kernville as a worthy destination for your next mountain biking adventure.

Photo credit: Hero image from MTB Project

When to go

The hot season in Kernville lasts for just over three months, from early June to mid September, with an average daily high temperature around 81F. This is the best time for mountain biking and other warm-weather activities when the weather is warm and the sky is clear.

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Key attractions, events and other points of interest

Apart from mountain biking, Kernville features many outdoor activities including white water rafting and kayaking which are the area's main attractions. Fly fishing is also popular, particularly the golden trout for catch and release fishing.

The downtown of Kernville contains numerous eateries, antique shops and accommodations. Some highlight restaurants are the Ewing’s which has provided fine dining since 1954, and the Kern River Brewing Company founded in 2005.

In addition, the Kern Valley Museum exhibits a collection of historical items of the area.  

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