Cycling in Boulder

Cycling in Boulder, Colorado


There's a reason Colorado is considered the adult's adventure playground of America, and why Boulder is at the very heart of the State, and at the top of people's minds when it comes to mountain biking in Colorado.

It's perfectly positioned as an awesome destination from which to base your mountain biking pursuits, with heaps of trail options within easy reach, for the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Better yet, it's one of only five Platinum rated Bicycle Friendly Communities in the U.S by the League of American Bicyclists with an amazing cycling culture within the city itself - you won't want to leave!

This is an expereince of a lifetime and a must-visit place for any mountain biker. And no matter what the interests of your friends and family, Boulder has something for everyone - the road rider, the sightseer, the relaxer... And within very easy reach of Denver airport.

When to go

With 360 days of sunshine per year, it's no wonder - with all that Vitamin D - that Boulder has been described the happiest place in the U.S!

Spoiler alert: the locals think that Boulder's winters are one of its best kept secrets. While they may get cold, the days are beautiful with all that sunshine and, as long as you're prepared with appropriate gear and clothing, it is possible to ride year-round in Boulder.

Despite that, the best times to mountain bike in Boulder are Autumn and Spring, when the weather is mild. Summers can get hot and provide for challenging riding conditions, with the July average daytime temperature of 87 degrees Fahrenheit. January is the coldest month in Boulder, with an average daytime high of 45 degrees. Boulder also experiences an annual snowfall of 89 inches.

Given its high desert location, sitting at 5,430 feet above sea level, Boulder has a dry climate, with little humidity.

Whichever season you visit, we suggest taking layers so you can pick and choose, mix and match as the temperatures even in summer will cool down of an evening.

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Boulder Mountain Bike Advocacy


The Boulder Mountainbike Alliance's mission is to serve as a positive voice for mountain biking in the greater Boulder Colorado area by improving the trail experience for all users through social rides and events, advocacy, and trail building.

Great communities build trails, and great trails build community.

To fullfill this mission, the Boulder Mountainbike Alliance works towards three major goals:

  • Create a Community of Mountain Bikers
  • Advocate for Trail Access
  • Build and Maintain Trails