Mountain biking in Salida

Mountain biking in Salida


Salida is a bike town through and through. A handful of excellent mountain-bike trails and countless hiking trails cross the region, giving access to four national forests.

To compliment the cruisers and bike lanes, this town in southern Colorado has some seriously sweet singletrack. Often known for its high-country Monarch Crest - IMBA EPIC ride, Salida also has some great riding in the Arkansas Hills and Methodist Mountain trail systems. Whether you want an easy ride on dirt, a challenging descent or all-day high-altitude singletrack, the town has what you're looking for.

Visit the 3 bike shops - Absolute Bikes, Salida Bike Company, and SubCulture Cyclery - for the best info on where and what to ride.

Photo Credit: Hero Image from Absolute Bikes.

When to go

The best times to visit Salida for ideal cycling weather are from mid June to mid September, with August the busiest time of year for visiting the area. June is also the least humid month, which is perfect for a biking vacation.

Be mindful that the Monarch Crest and other high-country trails (Colorado Trail, Continental Divide Trail, Rainbow Trail, Canyon Creek) are usually snowed in until early-summer. Be prepared for afternoon storms when riding those alpine trails.

Want to know more of what seasons are good to ride, check out the Salida Bike Company.

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