Mountain biking in Boise

Mountain biking in Boise


Boise hosts an IMBA EPID Ride, making it one of the best places that mountain bike lovers should visit at least once. With thousands of miles of trails, there's something to suit all levels: from beginners to experts, including descents and climbs, from flat to rugged, and everything in-between; enough to serve any cycling enthusiasts.

You can ease your way in by taking a trip around the foothills and valley - these trails are accessible year-round. Otherwise, just rip right on into it and challenge yourself by heading straight for the hills! 

And when you've had enough of the trails or just need a bit of downtime to re-energize, check out Boise's awesome downtown, well-recognized as a beautiful and vibrant city to soak up the atmosphere.

Photo credit: Hero Image from Idaho Mountain Bike Touring.

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