Mountain biking in Cuyuna and Crosby

Cuyuna is recognized as an IMBA Silver Level Ride Center, as well as the Best Trail in Minnesota (WCCO 4 and StarTribune), in the Top 50 Trails in the United States (Bicycling magazine), and one of the Top 26 Places in the World to Visit Right Now (Outside). 

Cuyuna’s signature is a cycling experience for families and experts alike that provides overwhelming fun. 30 miles of one-way, one-direction, purpose-built trails wind through a landscape created by 70 years of iron ore mining. Since mining left nearly 40 years ago, nature has reclaimed the area—water has filled the pits and turned them into 15 deep, crystal-clear mine lakes, and trees have taken root on the rocky, rugged landscape. It’s the perfect canvas for crafting year-round trails to conquer by mountain bike.

New trailside developments include a ride-in, ride-out yurt campground, glamping camper cabins, and campsite lodging. Also available locally are a brewery, a farm-to-table restaurant, a coffee bar, and a ride-in, ride-out wood-fired pizza kitchen alongside the paved trail. Cuyuna also provides a 6-mile paved bike trail, a pump track, and 100 miles of gravel/pavement road riding. The clear waters of the mine lakes are perfectly situated for kayaking, paddleboarding, paddleboard fishing, and scuba diving.

With over 30 purpose-built trails from which to choose, you'll never bored riding Cuyuna.

When to go

Some would say Minnesota's winters are worth avoiding. Others would say to visit in the winter is to earn your badge of honor and enjoy some spectacular fat-biking expereinces through a paradise of snow-covered and enchanting forests. 

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