Mountain biking in Duluth


Duluth is a gold level IMBA Ride Center; one of only a handful in the world. In layman's terms, this means it's an AWESOME place for you to ride your mountain bike, and we've got it all mapped out, ready for you to hit the ground running... er, riding.

Duluth's cycling scene offers something for everyone: on road, off road, year-round; easy, hard; short, long. You name it, Duluth provides it; including the only lift-access mountain biking in all of Minnesota. Challenging ridgelines and rocks, single-trails; it packs a punch! Worried about the climate? Suck it up and make the most of a winter fat-biking destination and proudly badge yourself as hard-core. It's not for everyone, and that's part of what makes this place special.

Photo credit: Hero Image from Perfect Duluth Day.

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