Cycling in Rochester

Cycling in Rochester


The Rochester area offers some spectacular riding scenery and route options as well as friendly and welcoming local group rides.

If you are a road rider, the county roads surrounding Rochester will take you through undulating landscapes of gentle, rolling hills planted with corn and soybeans. If you like gravel roads, we have that, too! There are many great circuits that can be linked together along the county roads. Rochester itself boasts about 90 miles of paved multi-use trail within the city.

The local cycling scene is a strong community, supported by a number of bike stores and local cycling groups. The Rochester Active Sports Club offers a variety of weekly group rides, and all are welcome to join. They have both road-riding and mountain-biking groups. Riding with locals is a great way to explore the community and make new friends, if visiting the area. Full details available at:

The local bike advocacy group is We Bike Rochester ( The mission of this group is to normalize cycling and to empower community members to include safe cycling in their lifestyle. The group provides bike education events year-round, assists commuters in finding safe routes, and hosts social group rides open to everyone.


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