Helena, Montana

Mountain biking in Helena, MT


A wonderland of singletrack!

Accidentally slip out the word “Helena” while you're talking with a mountain biker, and you'll see their eyes light up. You might even lose them in conversation as their mind starts to wander to the perfect imagery and imagination that Helena offers for all mountain bikers.

It's a mecca and for good reason. Stunning landscapes, awesome singletrack, the best in services and facilities, and a top notch cycling culture... yuo may not want to leave.

It’s always difficult to describe something that can only be felt by the heart, and Helena is one of those places. Its IMBA Ride Center accreditation attests to that – and a silver level award none the less; says it all.

And did we mention FREE shuttle service?! That's right. Helena is so committed to its continual development as an outstanding mountain biking destination that it provides free shuttle services to the trails. You'll fee so welcomed and well looked-after here. You do the hard work riding, the Helena community will then do the hard work taking care of your R and R.

Photo credit: Hero image from MTB Project

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