Eastern Nebraska/ Western Iowa

Mountain biking in Eastern Nebraska/ Western Iowa

Mountain biking in Eastern Nebraska/ Western Iowa

Heading across this vast continent of the United States for your next mountain biking adventure? A long and tiring drive ahead as you cross to the supposed mtb meccas of Utah, Colorado, Idaho and others?

Ever considered there might be something closer to home? Or at least a mid-way stop to break your drive; get the bikes off the car, dust them off and get your blood pumping again?

You're in luck. Omaha is your answer! With awesome trails only 15-20 minutes off the I80 this is your pre-amble destination! It's got a great cycling scene, well supported by local bars, breweries, bike shops and accommodation providers.

Leaving Chicago early in the morning will see you arrive in Omaha with plenty of time to get an afternoon mtb in; have a beer and a bite to eat; sleep; wake up the following morning; repeat. And then, after a morning ride and coffee, continue your journey further west. Best of all? You can do it all in reveres on the return journey back across the States!

And as well as the awesome singletracks, stunning views and vistas, it's also home to an IMBA accredited mountain bike Chapter ('Trails Have Our Respect' - THOR).

Not a mountain biker but still want to stretch your legs on a long drive? The Omaha and Lincoln areas alone are host to over 200 miles of paved trails for cyclists of all abilities, interests and skill levels. They're great for those visiting the region for other purposes - think the College World Series or any of the other myriad events and activities hosted by the region - but who like to experience a place by two wheels while there. 

Pack your bike, no matter what your reason, or how long your stay in the Western Nebraska/Eastern Iowa region, is our recommendation!

Who knows, you might not even make it further west, and choose instead to spend your time exploring all of what's on offer here.

Photo credit: MTB Project

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