Santa Fe

Santa Fe

Cycling in Santa Fe

Santa Fe is rated One of America's Top Mountain Bike Towns by USA Today and a Top Ten Mountain Biking Destination in North America by The city doesn’t have these all for nothing!

Public lands and gorgeous mountains offer countless assortment of trail options spreading on numerous kinds of terrain and require plenty of skill levels. If you love cross country, downhill, or anything between, Santa Fe has them all.

Moreover, the city worked enthusiastically to support cycling and upgrade bicycle facilities, resulting in the IMBA Silver Level Ride Center Status in 2014.

Great thanks to IMBA Chapter, the Santa Fe Fat Tire Society since they have been maintaining and building trails in the area. If you come to Santa Fe and love their effort, please consider donating.


Hero Image from RTX Traveler. Check out the site and the author Joelle Monaghan to see more beautiful photos.

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