Mountain biking in Taos

Apart from Santa Fe, Taos is another excellent area for true mountain biking experience. Trust us, you can’t find any place that has such terrain and natural beauty like those in Taos has.

However, the region is not for everyone. Taos is not a wonderland for every type of mountain bikers, we afraid. Its weather is extreme, the terrain is crazy, and most trails are not well-marked, except those in the Northside of Taos Ski Valley. So, if you’re planning to visit Taos trails, make sure you have a good heart, great courage, high level of wilderness skills, enough supplies for long-hour rides, and a detailed map! Yep, you’re going to need all of these to conquer the Taos’s singletracks and return home in one piece.

Wonder where you can get a map? Visit Taos Cyclery, they have accurate trail information and all the maps that you need for a safe ride in unfamiliar territory.

Ok, let’s get to the main point. What things you can find in Taos?

First of all, the South Boundary Trail – the EPIC. This trail has over twenty miles of sweet singletrack, and you feel free to ride in any way you like by combining some other trails in the area.

Another place you should give it a go is Northside at Taos Ski Valley. This pay use area is home of steep mountain biking trails and fantastic alpine views of the Taos County. Both intermediate and expert riders can enjoy the routes here.

And there are many many…many more wonderful mountain biking trails you can find here. Let’s go and have fun with the dirt!

Photo credit: Hero image from MTB Project  


When to go

Taos has varied weather condition. If you visit the place around between the middle of July and September, you’re going to be welcomed by the Monsoon season. This means rain, snow, and hail at or above 10,000 feet. So don’t forget to bring enough clothes to cover your arms and legs.

Most travelers come to Taos in summer when the weather is at its finest for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding. This also means more crowds and high rate accommodation. So we would recommend you to visit Taos between May and early June or late September through October when the weather is still great and fewer crowds.

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