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Brooklyn is the most populous borough of New York City and has several bridge connections to the nearby boroughs of Staten Island and Manhattan. It is the second-largest inland area among the boroughs of NYC. Brooklyn experiences a humid subtropical climate with partial shielding from the Appalachian Mountains and moderating influences from the Atlantic Ocean.

Cycling in Brooklyn as well as New York City is considered viable. The city’s large cycling population includes recreational cyclists, commuters (increasingly), and particularly, utility cyclists such as delivery and messenger services.

There is one thing that you must pay attention to when you roll in New York City, not only Brooklyn. Since this is primarily a walking city, try to stay off the sidewalks as much as you can. People here often walk whenever they want to, so be patient and prepared.

Fortunately, major routes in the city are well signed, and they do not end abruptly, so it is easy to maintain your way. Use your bell to let people know where you are heading to, especially on Brooklyn Bridge where pedestrians are separated by nothing but paint. Most of the bridges in the borough have bike accommodations.

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