Wilkesboro - North Carolina

Mountain biking in Wilkesboro

Just 6 minutes of driving from Wilkesboro downtown, lying between the Brushy Mountains and the Blue Ridge in the Yadkin Valley, North Carolina’s Kerr Scott IMBA EPIC Ride is famous for its flow. The system boasts three main trail complexes: Dark Mountain, Overmountain Victory Trail (OVT), and Warrior Creek. Each has its own character, offering endless fun with hundreds of bermed and banked turns.

The construction and maintenance of the trail system is all done by the Alliance and Brushy Mountain Cyclist Club (BMCC). Since 2002, BMCC has built over 40 miles of trail at Kerr Scott and the trail mileage is still growing, making the area one of the best national destinations for mountain biking.

The trails hold three national designations: Dark Mountain was named a National Recreation Trail in 2005, The OVT has been a part of the Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail System after its completion in 2006, and the Kerr Scott Trails system was named an IMBA EPIC in 2011.

Photo credit: Hero image from MTB Project

When to go

Summers in Wilkesboro are warm and humid. Usually, the hot season lasts for around 4 months with an average daily high temperature around 79F.

The best time to visit Wilkesboro for mountain biking and other warm-weather activities is from early August to late September.

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