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The best bicycle adventures and cycling vacations in Bend

Bend, Oregon is no doubt a wonderland for cycling enthusiasts. So much so that the City of Bend is a League of American Bicyclists' Silver level accredited bicycle-friendly community.

Bend is well known as a base for some pretty amazing road and gravel cycling opportunities; and as a destination waiting to be explored, off the beaten track, away from the traffic and through some spectacular landscapes. 

Ok, groaders - let's delve into just why this is one of the great meccas for you! Water & Lava is just 10 minutes Southwest of Bend and makes for a great start to your gravel adventures. The high desert gravel roads of the region will take you through some of the most scenic, challenging and quality roads you'll ever experience by gravel. There are a multitude of options to satisfy all your gravel grinding desires here. And what better experience than to regroup by evening, at one of the city's great bars or restaurants, reliving the day's highlights before setting off the next morning to go do it all again! This one is definitely a destination of experience; with a thriving local cycling culture where you'll be able to - literally - eat, sleep, ride, repeat; live, breathe and love this great cycling lifestyle!

And, don't just take our word for it. Bend is home to some of the world's best gravel pioneers - Linda and Kevin (aka the gravel Girl and Captain Dirt) of Dirty Freehub. They love showcasing their region and have been very generous in sharing with us some of their own curated five-star ride routes in the region.

For those wanting to sightsee the city by bike, and enjoy/understand the best of what makes this destination bicycle friendly, right in the heart of the city, the Three Sisters Scenic Bikeway will give you a good insight here. This system includes premium and scenic road rides for visitors and local residents alike to get from A to B and enjoy the city by bike. You can also ride the Twin Bridges Scenic Bike Route which is one of the best and most beautiful routes of this trail system. And if you want something a bit more challenging, why not test your endurance with the 44.55-mile Bachelor Party Scenic Bikeway.


When to go

September is our recommended time to visit Bend for your next cycling adventure. The weather during this period is still warm and dry but the accommodation is much cheaper.

Expect high accommodation rates during the peak summer tourism season. Bend is also crowded during The Solar Eclipse week (August 18th - 23rd), the Christmas/New Year week (December 19th to January 3rd) as well as Memorial Day week (May 25th - 29th). You should avoid these times unless you love being surrounded by people.

Bend experiences snowfall between November and April. Unless you're a fan of the cold, and possibly some fat-biking, this may not be your best time to ride in the region.

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