South Dakota

Cycling in South Dakota

About Cycling in South Dakota

South Dakota offers exceptional cycling experiences. With stunning landscapes including the Badlands, Black Hills and surrounding areas, and surfaces catering for road cycling, gravel grinding and rail trails, there's so much on offer here. Plenty of visitor attractions along the way; climbing or flat roads... take your pick. There's something here for everyone and we reckon it's one of the great kept secrets for cycling paradise. A mini Rocky Mountains, where everything is at your fingertips and in close proximity, it's amazing what you can cover in a short space of time - from striking Canyons of slate, to the striking limestone plains of the Badlands, the gold rush towns of Deadwood and more, what are you waiting for?!

In the words of renowned architect, Frank Lloyd Wright the Spearfish Canyone offers 'a unique and unparallelled' scenery of anywhere else in America. If it's good eoungh for Frank Lloyd Wright, we think it's good enough for us too!