Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area

Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area

Mountain Biking in Big South Fork

Mountain bike riding has become one of the most popular recreational activities enjoyed by visitors to Big South Fork.

There are several trails here which have been purpose-designed, built and are maintained by the Big South Fork Mountain Bike Club. In addition to bike only trails, mountain bikes are allowed on highway edges, backcountry roads, and some horse trails. This combination provides bikers of all skill levels with miles of trail options.

The National Park Service, as approved in its General Management Plan, has initiated a shared use of mountain bikes on the Grand Gap Loop hiking trail. The Grand Gap Loop Trail is open to both hikers and cyclists everyday of the week.

The Big South Fork trail itself is one an acclaimed and accredited IMBA EPIC Ride. Come experience it for yourself.

Find more information at National Park Service.

Photo Credit: Hero Image from IMBA Epics.

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