Cycling in Memphis

Cycling in Memphis

Memphis, Tennessee offers a range of great cycling experiences, from riding bikes around the City, taking advantage of the Shelby Farms Greenline (a 7-mile paved pedestrian and biking trail that connects the heart of Midtown to Shelby Farms) and travelling through neighbourhoods like the Borad Avenue Arts District. Whatever your style of riding, it's covered.

Other great riding opportunities in Memphis include:

  • the Meehan-Shelby Forest State Park (5mi)
  • The Mississippi River Trail (32mi)
  • Overton Park (nearly 200 acres of public parkland, with a 2.5 mile winding and shaded shared use path, two play areas and a dog park)
  • Shelby Farms (a variety of paved and unpaved bike trails from 2.75mi to 6mi)


The Memphis HIghtailers Bicycle Club (MHBC) is dedicated to promoting cycling in the Memphis and Mid-South community. 

Founded in 1962, the MHBC is a volunteer, non-profit club with over 1500 members. MHBC organizes weekly bicycle rides and social events for all levels and abilities. Rides are held almost every day of the week throughout the year. More details are available on the Weekly Rides page.

MHBC is supported by membership funding, and new members are always welcome. Join MHBC today to enable them to continue to educate the Greater Memphis Area about Bicycle Safety and Awareness.

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