Mountain biking in Georgetown

Nestled on the northern tip of the San Gabriel River just west of Georgetown, the IMBA EPIC Goodwater Loop is a perfect trail for singletrack worshippers. 

Everything started in 2003 when Austin Ridge Riders Mountain Bike Club and the Army Corps of Engineers joined hands to reconstruct and develop the track. Their achievement was a 26-mile trail with rugged, rocky, and technical terrain, rimming the shores of Lake Georgetown. The whole loop consists of 5 miles of doubletrack with a short and paved road section across from the dam. The rest of the loop is technical singletrack offering terrain challenges for riders of all levels.

In 2014 the Goodwater Loop was finally designated as an International Mountain Bicycling Association EPIC Trail, in recognition of its length, terrain, challenge and general awesomeness! Since then, from novice to expert riders, everyone desires to test their skills on this legendary trail and to admire the sweeping, cerulean lake views that Lake Georgetown is granted.

Come and join the fun, you may be the next adventurer of this incredible ride!

When to go

The best time to visit Georgetown is from late May to mid-September. The hot season in Georgetown lasts for around 4 months with an average high of 95F and low of 75F. Things are pretty muggy too, so be prepared.

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Key attractions, events or other points of interest

Georgetown is well-known as a mecca for outdoor activities like biking and hiking, but there are many things you can find apart from the trails and singletrack in this mecca.

The Williamson County Courthouse Square may be your next entertainment center. Local shops, restaurants, and businesses fill all the buildings surrounding the historic Williamson County Courthouse. You can imagine how busy and vibrant this place is. The area also hosts many events and festivals of Georgetown with live music and hours of entertainment for the whole family to enjoy.

If you're interested in local history, you can visit the Williamson Museum which hosts tours of the Courthouse and Downtown Square. Or you can spend time at the Palace Theater where you'll likely find some interesting educational programs and performances.

For art lovers, just off the Williamson County Courthouse Square, The Georgetown Art Center promises to add more joy to your trip. As part of the effort to bring art to Georgetown, the Georgetown Public Library and Southwestern University host public exhibitions featuring a fantastic wide range of art styles including sculpture, paintings, ceramic arts, etc.  

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