Mountain biking around Terlingua

Terlingua is a mining district in southwestern Brewster County, Texas. It's located near the villages of Lajitas, the Mexican state of Chihuahua, and the famous Big Bend Ranch State Park. Bordering the Rio Grande and Mexico's Mountains, this small town on the outer edge of America is home to hundreds of miles of iconic desert trails.

Mountain bike rides in the Big Bend region are numerous and plentiful. The 52-mile IMBA EPIC Bike Trail Loop has become the premier mountain biking route for serious off-road cycling enthusiasts. It’s not the kind of place you’d expect to find an extensive trail system, but Big Bend has singletrack for days, not just within Lajitas Resort, but winding through the expansive Big Bend Ranch State Park.

Because the Park is extremely remote and rugged, advance planning is crucial. Check this Biking Guide from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to make sure you have everything prepared.

Photo Credit: Hero Image from Texas Parks and Wildlife.

When to go

Weather conditions in the park can be extreme. Check the weather forecast prior to your visit, and again once you reach the park. Temperatures vary from 100 degrees in early April through early October OR well below 32 degrees in winter. Many arroyos and other low-lying areas of the park are susceptible to flash-flooding, so seek higher ground in the event of heavy rains. Lightning storms can be severe.

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