Information about CycleLifeHQ


Our Vision

To grow the global cycle tourism industry

Our Team

Charles Black
CEO and co-founder, Charles has been riding bikes all of his life. CycleLifeHQ was born out of his frustration with the lack of quality cycle tourism information and the disconnected nature of the industry. He is deeply passionate about the benefits cycle tourism can bring to local communities and the people that holiday on bikes.

Matthew Ryan

CTO and co-founder, Matthew rides mountain bikes and is passionate about technology. Matt is responsible for product development and solving the problems relevant to our destinations, businesses and cyclists.

Jeff Miller

VP North America, Jeff Miller has been leading organizations to make communities across the country safer and better for biking and walking for many years. Jeff leads our North American business helping destinations and local businesses use CycleLifeHQ to integrate cycle tourism in their community.

Phil Latz

Specialist advisor to the CycleLifeHQ team, Phil has been involved in the cycle industry all his life. Phil has co-founded and grown Bicycling Australia magazine and other related media assets. He has also created and published a series of Where to Ride guide books. Phil provides his deep experience and expertise to the team around cycling and cycle tourism.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make cycling holidays and vacations as accessible to people as skiing holidays. We want everyone to be able to take a cycle vacation. To either use their bike as transport between destinations or to focus their visit on a single destination and use their bike as the centre piece of their experience.

We do this by making it easy for people to find, plan and book amazing cycling experiences and share the gear and expertise needed to make them possible. Our goal is to empower expert individuals, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations to offer their services directly to community members. This builds relationships and empowers folks from all segments of cycling industry to chart their own creative and financially independent paths.

From local tour guides to cycle advocacy groups we empower you and the rest of the CycleLifeHQ community to offer services that fulfill each other's cycling needs and help make cycle tourism better for everyone.

Our Platform

Our technology platform provides many features that make it easy for individuals, businesses and community organizations to connect around cycling.

  • A mobile-friendly site that makes it easy to add beautiful listings

  • A secure messaging system

  • Public reviews of both parties after services are completed

  • Secure payments through Stripe or your existing booking/payment system

  • Email, Facebook or Google authentication

  • Search filters to make finding things easy

  • Search by location to find everything in a destination

  • Facebook comments integration to maximise your love of cycling

We are growing

Our community is working hard to share the best cycling experiences from around the world. Spread the word or add your own knowledge of the cycling in your area.

Always evolving

We continue to add features to make CycleLifeHQ even better, so let us know if there is anything else you would like to see!

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