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Work with Us

Make money online from new customers

Make more money for your business by selling your products and services to new online customers via our global network. It’s free plus get easy bookings, on simple commission, and reliable on time payments.


Bicycle tourists stay longer and spend more

We support everyone in the bike tourism industry.

Bike Tours
Bike Rentals 
Independant B&B, independant hotels and major chains or cross promote your AirBnB listing.
From 14 day 5 star rours along the French Riviera to 3 day weekends in the Colorado Rockies. List the bike tours your company offers.
Bike share companies, hotel bike rentals and spare bikes sitting around the garage. Get your bikes into the rights hands.
Biking Lessons
Coffee and Food
Individual Guides
Help riders become better, more confident and faster on their metal steed. Pass on your widom and knowledge.
Bikes and coffee are like cookies and cream...they just go together. Promote your cafe's cycle firendly features and atmosphere.
Start your own tour guide business and show tourists around your local area. Create a unique experience just for them.
Bike Events
Bike Shops
From Grand Fondos to a local MTB race. Attract more entrants and spectators.
From shuttle runs up and down the MTB park, to fully supporting a self guided tour. Get your trasnport service listed.
Cyclists love looking at new bikes and gear no matter where they are from.

It is simple to grow your business 

1. Sign Up. Its Free.

  • Start by completing your business profile. 
  • Add your brand and set your business terms.
  • Connect your account so you can receive payments.
  • We have resources to help you promote your business and its services. Hit the chat button to talk to a business rep now.

2. List your products or services

Create your listings, using the "Create Listing" button.

  • Describe your service - include as much information in your listing as possible. This will help users have a clear understanding of what they are booking. It will help build trust, and will save you time by answering questions up front. Details will also be searched on CycleLifeHQ and in search engines such as Google, so more folks will find your posts.
  • Add great photos - Beautiful, high-quality photographs may be the most important part of your posts. The ideal image ratio should be 3:2, such as 660x440 pixels or 1500x1000 pixels. You can use any image editor to crop your photos, including Paint and free online tools like and Cut My Pic.
  • Add a GPX File - Some listing types include the ability to show a GPX map. Our GPX upload functionality supports most GPX files and we have tested it with Fitbit, Garmin and Strava GPX files.
  • Add related listings - If you are creating more than one listing or there are other listings related to yours, you can add these to your listing by using the RELATED LISTING functionality.

3. Cyclists find your listing and use your services 

Pre-trip: Cyclists search and explore destinations and their rides and trails. They identify local businesses like yours as part of their experience.
In destination: While in destination cyclists identify those businesses that are cyclist friendly and which meet their needs.
On route: We market your business and your offers directly to cyclists as they ride routes and trails based on their proximity to your location.

4. Welcome your customers

You can use our online messaging system to engage directly with your customers. Users pay you directly via secure which supports Mastercard and Visa. You get paid via your connected account. We don't even get in the road; our users pay you directly. Listing your business and products is free. Compared to referral marketing rates in the tourism industry, our 10% fees are low, low, low!

5. Grow your business

You can use our promotional tools and resources to attract and retain valuable cycle tourists. 
Social media reach: Make use of our growing social media reach and bootstrap directly into a targeted customer demographic.
Offers and promotions: Create custom offers and promotions for CycleLifeHQ members. We attract our members to your business by pushing your custom offers based on their proximity to your location.
email promotion: Make use of our growing user base and market directly to them via email to promote your services, offers and discounts.

Partner with us

Our business partnerships provide initial consultation and ongoing support for your journey in attracting more bicycle tourists.

Participating businesses provide an ongoing offer for Premium cyclists which we help promote to attract more cyclists to you.

Our partnership support provides you with access to:

  • market your business direct to a niche (but large!) cycling audience;
  • our bike friendly checklist to identify your current strengths and weaknesses;
    • we'll then provide you with a recommendation report containing easily implementable actions to attract more bicycle tourists;
  • regular industry insights and latest news to stay at the front of the game;
  • a community of like-minded bicycle friendly businesses to share experiences, ask questions and connect;
  • special recognition as a CycleLifeHQ bicycle tourism business – online and shopfront window sticker; and
  • list tours, events, services, points of interest, trip reports and other information on the CycleLifeHQ platform.


Simply contact us today to chat about a partnership opportunities and join our growing bike friendly business community